Bee Informed and ProActive

  • Honeybees are the most productive insect on earth and are the only insect that gives us food directly – honey.
  • They are also responsible for 1 out of every 3 bites we eat since they pollinate almost all our fruits, vegetables and nuts.
  • Honeybees are an indicator insect and very sensitive to any chemicals, even soapy water.
  • They are the most efficient pollinator since they are loyal to flowers -meaning they visit the same type of flower until they run out and then they move to a different kind of flower. So they will visit all the watermelon flowers before moving to maybe a wildflower nearby.
  • The few things they do not pollinate are potatoes, corn, all grains, grapes, mushrooms and a few more starchy type foods.
  • Researchers in Brazil found that honeybees are responsible for making coffee beans 53%-57% larger than if only pollinated by other insects.
  • In fact, if we lost honeybees all our costs would skyrocket as they did in Sichuan, China in 1989 when they used so many chemicals, they killed all the bad and GOOD insects including honeybees. So they had to hand pollinate everything with the added cost of 70 billion dollars/year!
  • We have already noticed a huge decline in our honeybee population and if you read ‘About Us’ on this website you will see a couple of reasons why it is still happening.
  • Bees are NOT aggressive in swarm  mode (unless you throw something at them or continue to try to hurt them)
  • We need to educate ourselves and our children before we lose this vital insect.
    • Call an experienced beekeeper to remove bees instead of killing them. There are ways to make them less aggressive with new queens. We can connect you to folks who remove bees for a reasonable fee in the Georgetown, Austin area. Email us at or go to
    • Use and educate yourself on natural pest control instead of chemical
    • Plant bee friendly plants and flowers instead of thirsty st. augustine grasses in your yard -saves time, water, and mowing.
    • Put out hummingbird feeders with sugar water – it will feed the bees too.
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